The Toyota Prius Prime is a vehicle that has been highly rated but even so not everyone has taken to it and some people even say that it sucks as they have found it frustrating.

Elecktrek revealed that they regretted going for the Toyota Prius Prime but soon came to regret that choice. What sold them on it was the fact that it offered 12 miles range before the ICE motor began to kick in, which would allow the driver to commute without using any gas. However, this wasn’t so as they found that the Prime didn’t go the 12 miles using electric power, in some cases it didn’t even get off the driveway in electric only.

The only way you can get 12 mile range of electric is if you live somewhere the temperature doesn’t get over 70 degree, you don’t have the heat/AC on, nor the radio, windshield wipers or accelerate too quickly, or even try to regenerate too much electricity when going downhill.

Elecktrek pointed out that you cannot switch the heater on or do a lot of anything really when using electric alone. This is down to the ICE/EV system not being that intelligent and it really is sub-par, unlike that of the Chevy Volt, which won’t kick into ICE unless the battery is totally dry.

Another downside is that the ICE of the Toyota Prius Prime seems to kick in for no reason whatsoever. When questioning Toyota they said that it must be due to a bad car. However according to Electreck they went to a dealer and tried a base model but the ICE engine kicked in during various times throughout the test drive even when the battery was full.

So it does seem that not everyone has fallen in love with the Toyota Prius Prime and the ICE system is not all it is cracked up to be, so don’t expect a range of 12 miles from it as more often than not you won’t get it.

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