2017 Toyota Prius: Old Is Not Gold

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While most people would rather own a new model, there are some models out there that work fine even though they are an older model but we do not think the Toyota Prius belongs to that group.

The Toyota Prius is a great model but because it is also an electric powered vehicle, it is not the best car to consider if you were looking for a used model. The engine and other parts might work well but the battery will deteriorate over time and the new owner will most likely have to come up with some money to get a new battery for the Toyota Prius.

Most owners seem to agree that these new batteries won’t come cheap which is why most people would avoid getting a used electric powered vehicle but there were other that said that they have been driving their Prius around for more than 7 years and their battery is still working fine.

Would you consider getting a used Toyota Prius?

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