2017 Toyota Highlander vs Honda Pilot: One Winner – But Close Call

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The 2017 Toyota Highlander is taking on the Honda Pilot and there is only one winner but it really is a very close call. But do you agree or would you have chosen differently?

The 2016 Honda Pilot and 2017 Toyota Highlander both share a great deal in common. Both fall under the midsized SUV category and both vehicles offer three rows of seats. The Pilot was treated to a re-design while the Highlander received a new V6 engine.

You get a choice of several trims for the Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot. There is the affordable base level right up to the top of the range, so there is something for everyone and plenty of options to add-in.

When it comes to pricing the Toyota Highlander leads as you can get the base version from $30, 630, while the base level of the Honda Pilot comes in at $44, 800, however when fully equipped the Pilot is above the $46,000 mark.

The Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot were both awarded 5 stars in crash ratings by the NHTSA and the Pilot received a safety rating of 9.3 and the Toyota Highlander gets 8.5.

The 2016 Honda Pilot offers a third row of seats that were designed for adults, something which is abnormal in SUVs that offer three rows of seats. However they are low down, even so it is still relatively comfortable. The third row of seats in the Toyota Highlander are more compact and there is less leg room. However it does offers tri-zone climate control for comfort, along with Driver Easy Speak for amplifying the voice of the driver to the seats in the back.

The Honda Pilot offers up 16.5 cubic feet of space when all seats are being used and the Toyota Highlander has 13.8 cubic feet. Folded down, the Pilot offers 83.9 cubic feet and the Toyota Highlander around the same.

The Toyota Highlander comes out ahead for fuel efficiency as the V6 3.5 litre offers 20mpg in the city and 27mpg out on the highway. The base level four-cylinder offers 20mpg in the city and 24mpg when out on the highway. The Honda Pilot offers the V6 3.5 litre engine which gives out 19mpg when driving in the city and 27mpg out on the highway. With all-wheel drive you get 18mpg around the city and 26mpg out on the highway.

The Toyota Highlander offers more horse power but the Honda Pilot offers performance that is unmatched thanks to the 280 horse engine with six speed or nine speed auto gears. The Highlander offers the 295 horse V6 with eight speed automatic, the four-cylinder has the six speed gears.

While the competition between the Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot is very close, the Pilot wins for safety, performance and comfort.

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