2017 Toyota C-HR vs Kia Niro: Rivals Inspired By The Prius

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The 2017 Toyota C-HR and the Kia Niro are two vehicles that are making their way to the US at about the same time. Both are rivals but they were designed for very different purposes and both took inspiration from the Toyota Prius.

The Toyota C-HR is taking on the capabilities of the Toyota Prius and putting them into a more popular crossover body style. The Kia Niro on the other hand just wants to get in on the crossover popularity action and rival the Prius and C-HR.

The Toyota C-HR was only supposed to be heading to Europe as it was thought that North American consumers aren’t that keen on small crossovers. However with it being popular in Japan too, it was decided that it would become a global car. You can get it in the hybrid format, which is akin to the one used in the Toyota Prius or the 1.2 litre engine. The model heading to the US was designed for the Scion brand and has the 2 litre engine offering 144 horses.

The styling of the Kia Niro is conventional and you can pick it up for around $23, 800 and this is going to make it a very affordable option for a hybrid crossover. It comes with the 1.6 litre gas engine with dual clutch transmission and a small electric motor, offering up 139 horses.

But would you choose the Kia Niro or the Toyota C-HR, or perhaps you would stick with the Toyota Prius?

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