2017 Tesla Model S: What Defects Are They Hiding Exactly?

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When it comes to the 2017 Tesla Model S you have to wonder what defects they are hiding. We say this as one owner says that Tesla made him keep quiet about a defect with his vehicle.

The owner of the Tesla Model S said that he suffered an early failure of the suspension arms on his vehicle. Now a website has published a recount of the discussion that happened between the owner and Tesla. They put the recount online with a heading of Its Not The Crime, It’s the Coverup.

In short it boils down to the owner of the 2017 Tesla Model S having a back and forth talk with Tesla trying to get them to fix the rusting suspension arm on the Model S. While Tesla did eventually go ahead and make the repairs they did get the owner of the vehicle to sign what they called A Goodwill Agreement.

This goodwill agreement seems to be the part that the owner believes is Teslas way of keeping him quiet about the whole thing.

But has it been a case of Tesla hiding defects? Do you have the 2017 Tesla Model S and are you happy with it?

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