2017 Tesla Model S: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

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This January a new version of Autopilot was launched by Tesla and it now comes with Summon. This feature means that owners of the 2017 Tesla Model S can now move their vehicle using a smartphone or a smartwatch.

Summon gives the owner the chance to perform functions on their 2017 Tesla Model S, however they are limited, but may expand on it in the future.

One way that you could use Summon is to get out of the 2017 Tesla Model S when you get home and then allow the car to do the parking on its own. You can open up the garage door, make it enter the garage stood outside the vehicle, park itself and then shut the engine off. When you want to drive the vehicle you can summon your car out of the garage, how cool is that?

The Remote S has also been given an update and this means that owners of the 2017 Tesla Model S can make use of the Summon feature by way of the Apple Watch.

It was said that the 2017 Tesla Model S with the Autopilot and Summon will work when you are within a range of 39 feet.

This new feature does take you back to the movie Tomorrow Never Dies from 1997 when Pierce Brosnan played Bond and he summoned his car using his phone and then drives it from the back seat. However we don’t recommend that you do this.