2017 Tesla Model S P100D: Same Old

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Something odd happened over the weekend where Elon Musk had a little “tweeting session” with a hacker named Jason Hughes. It started off with the hacker questioning Tesla via a tweet to decode something he posted for the Tesla community, only to claim that the company attempted to downgrade Hughes’ Model S Firmware. What?

Things were fine as how they went about their way, even having Hughes applauding the quick decoding carried out by the Tesla community. And then we went on to discover the existence of the upcoming “plood” (as the P100D has been affectionately nicknamed), which is going to come equipped with future vehicles. It’s certainly a big jump towards the 300-mile driving range benchmark for the company, to say the least.

And when Hughes suddenly found out about the so-called retaliation, Elon took it to Twitter again by responding that it wasn’t his idea, and that it wasn’t done at his request. He even went on to further complimented Hughes’ for his exceptional good hacking skills. We don’t really know what to make of this situation, though.

Do you have anything you’d like to add on to this, just in case we’ve missed something out?

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