2017 Tesla Model S: A Mathematician’s Nightmare

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Let us give you some helpful tips about getting a car in Singapore, or should we say, if you’re planning to get a Tesla Model S there. It’s going to cost you a fortune, so be prepared if you’re insisting on taking this step.

Could it be somewhat of a duel that has happened between Elon Musk and Singapore’s Prime Minister, which resulted in some strict fines held up against Model S owner, Joe Nguyen? His Model S costs him around $400,000 when he bought it in Hong Kong, only to bring it back to Singapore to some absurd fines.

For starters, there’s the testing process to get the car legalized in Singapore, which took a couple of months. Then, the vehicle was tested to have excessive amounts of emissions, making it relatively not environmentally friendly. So Nguyen wasn’t entitled to the $10,880 rebate under Singapore’s Carbon Emissions Vehicle Scheme (CEVS), and was being calculated over and over till no end.

It’s good to know that Elon is in liaison with the Prime Minister in discussing over this matter, and to provide some clarity for the poor Model S driver has to suffer. We sure hope this isn’t going to stop future drivers to have their Model S being driven around the “world’s most expensive city”.

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