2017 Tesla Model 3: Why Musk Should Wing It

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There are not a lot of details on how the Tesla Model 3 will look like when it makes it debut in March but some believe that Tesla should look to the Tesla Model X for some inspiration.

We do not know if Tesla will be bringing it over or not but some consumers are saying that Tesla should offer the falcon wings on the Tesla Model 3 as well. Tesla did say that it will not look like anything we have right now. A new look with a pair of wings will definitely separate it from the rest.

Tesla did also teased that the either the Tesla Model 3 or the Tesla Model Y will be getting a set of Falcom Wings on Twitter. It was estimated that the Tesla Model 3 would come in with a huge $35,000 price tag which a lot of consumers were not too happy about but maybe they won’t feel the pinch if the Falcon doors were offered as well.

The Tesla Model 3 which Tesla will be revealing in March will come in as a 2017 model.

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