2017 Tesla Model 3: There’s No More Time, Chevy Bolt!

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The Tesla Model 3 wants to be the most affordable EV on the market when it finally arrives and it will go head to head with the Chevrolet Bolt.

When it does come to the market the Tesla Model 3 may end up having the upper hand due to the fact that the Chevrolet Bolt has been limited in supplies. GM are going to start sending out more units along with promoting the vehicle but they are running out of time.

GM does have a head start over the Tesla Model 3 as the Chevrolet Bolt has already been launched. However this head start is going to diminish if there are not enough vehicles to go around. It also needs to have a wider reach as there are many carmakers preparing rivals for the Bolt.

The Tesla Model 3 is going to have a price tag of $35,000 and this is going to be cheaper than the price tag of the Chevrolet Bolt, at $37,000. The carmaker is including some superb features and these will appeal to smartphone users.

GM need to push more if they want to keep their head start over the Tesla Model 3, but do you think they will manage to do it?

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