2017 Tesla Model 3 Pulls Off As A Star Wars Stormtrooper Lookalike

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Many have been questioning about what the 2017 Tesla Model 3 will look like, shortly after the release of the Tesla Model X, which was just a few months back. And looks like we may have our best indication yet in devouring the hunger of these enthusiasts.

It’s all thanks to Theophilus Chin’s rendering of the vehicle, and we must say, it may appeal very well towards Star Wars fans. It’s got a front end bearing an uncanny resemblance to that of a Stormtrooper’s mask, with the remainder of the vehicle looking like the Model S.

Could this be it, Elon Musk? Is that what you’ve been emphasizing about, “they won’t be ugly“? It certainly doesn’t look ugly, but probably won’t be appealing enough for non-Star Wars fans (who wouldn’t be anyways?).

Regardless, we’ll still be expecting the 2017 Tesla Model 3 to go against the likes of the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A3. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with Theophilus’ rendering of the car until the official one comes out at any of the possible major auto shows this year.

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