2017 Tesla Model 3 Buyer’s Guide

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The Tesla Model 3 is supposed to come in as the affordable Tesla that everybody can afford to buy but even if you can afford to buy one, you might not be able to get your hand on one.

If the long waiting time is not enough to put you off buying one, the long waiting list might because this is how Tesla plans to sell their Tesla Model 3. According to Tesla, their customers will get priority which means owners of models like the Model S or Model X will get to put their names down for the Tesla Model 3 first.

Tesla also added that they will be start delivering from California before moving east which means California owners will be able to nab up one of these affordable models earlier than the rest of the people.

Only when that is done will we normal folks be able to try our hand at getting one of these Tesla Model 3. According to Tesla, the fastest way to own one of their Model 3 “is to buy a Model S and Model X”.

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