2017 Tesla Model 3: Affordable But Hollow

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Tesla is getting ready to release their new Tesla Model 3 model. The new electric powered model will be coming in as one of the cheapest models Tesla will have to offer which is good but it is a little too hollow?

While we are happy about the fact that Tesla is trying to make their cars more affordable, the consumers are worried that Tesla’s way of making the car more affordable is to offer less. Unfortunately, we can only know if that is true when Tesla releases the Tesla Model 3 on the 31st of March.

There is currently not a lot of details about the upcoming Tesla Model S but we do know that he vehicle will be coming in with a lighter and smaller battery pack and that Tesla is expecting the car to offer about 200miles of range.

It is also estimated that the Tesla Model 3 will be coming in with a $35,000 price tag.

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