2017 Subaru Forester vs Toyota RAV4: Which Offers Best Life Saving Tech

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The Toyota RAV4 and the Subaru Forester are both coming our way packed with safety tech that will help to keep the driver, passengers and road user safe. But which out of the two will offer up the best lifesaving tech?

The Toyota RAV4 will offer the Pre-Collision safety system and this is going to assist braking and if the vehicle detects an obstacle it will stop the vehicle. The system is able to put the brakes on the vehicle and stop it at speeds of up to 50mph.

The Subaru Forester will offer up the EyeSight system and this is going to be similar to the Pre-Collision system. However instead of having a limit of up to 50mph, it will be able to stop the vehicle up to 87mph. this may mean that the Forester does take the slight advantage.

The Subaru Forester comes with a price tag of $23, 245 and the Toyota RAV4 is $24, 910.