2017 Subaru BRZ: The People Have Had Their Say

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The Subaru BRZ is one of the few sports cars that you should consider purchasing at the market, however not all sports car lovers are a huge fan of the vehicle.

Many people have said that the Subaru BRZ does offer up an exterior design that is great. The cabin also offers good looks, however a new screen has been offered and some people have said that it looks out of place. There were also a lot of people who weren’t too happy about the fact that a backup camera wasn’t offered.

The price tag is another factor when deciding about the Subaru BRZ as it isn’t cheap. Some people have said that the price tag of the vehicle is too high.

The 2017 Subaru BRZ is going to arrive with a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine and you should be able to get around 200 to 205 horsepower from it and it should offer up 24mpg when travelling in the city and out on the highway around 33mpg. You can expect to payout around $25, 495 for the vehicle.

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