2017 Shelby 350 GT vs BMW M2: Who Da Boss?

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It was only a couple of days ago when BMW unveiled the all-new M2 and the car has become one of the most talked about vehicles here in the US. Many enthusiasts have been debating on whether the $52,695 price tag on the M2 is worth it or is it better for something supposedly better, namely the Shelby 350 GT from Ford.

The latter has a sticker price of about $47,795 and this makes it cheaper than the M2. The GT350 also runs on the 5.2L V8 engine and this allows it to generate a whopping 526hp. On figures alone, the GT350 is already the better car than the M2.

The sports coupe from BMW is equipped with a 3L turbocharged 6-pot engine that has 365hp and 343ft-lbs of toque. The car is also packed with many performance equipments that it can sprint from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. The M2 weighs at about 3500 pounds but despite it being lighter, it is the GT350 that has the better power-to-weight ratio.

For us, this is convincing enough to why you should get the Ford GT350 instead of the BMW M2. However, we are interested to know on what you think of the above.

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