2017 Nissan Rogue Hybrid Is Potential For US

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Nissan is not particularly good when it comes to producing hybrid vehicles and people are wondering if they might just mess up any attempt to bring out the Nissan Murano hybrid into the US. It would really be a weird choice of vehicles to bring into the lineup for sure.

Nissan does have some common sense though as they are releasing the Nissan Murano hybrid only in 600 units this year. This could be their way of seeing how consumers react to the crossover hybrid. Perhaps if it goes down well we could see the 2017 Nissan Rogue hybrid make its way out to the US.

Nissan have been cautious in offering the Murano as a hybrid as this is a vehicle that is less popular than the Nissan Rogue. If it goes down well with consumers then there is a good chance that the Nissan Rogue hybrid would be a hit too.

The Nissan Murano hybrid is going to have a price tag of $40, 050 and you can expect to get about 249 horses from it along with 29mpg combined in the FWD version and 28mpg in the AWD. The regular version of the Murano offers up 24mpg combined and the nearest competitor is the Toyota RAV4 hybrid and this offers up 32mpg combined.

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