2017 Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3 vs VW e-Golf: Who’s The Greenest?

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The 2017 Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and VW e-Golf are all great vehicles, but which is the greenest of them all?

The 2017 Nissan Leaf has arrived and it is largely unchanged from the version that arrived in 2010. However it has arrived with one big change and this is the battery. It now offers the 30 kilowatt-hour battery and this comes as standard on all of the trims. The battery offers around 107 miles range and all models come with the 80 kilowatt electric motor offering 107 horses and 187 torque. The efficiency rate of the Leaf is 112 MPGe combined. Charging of the Leaf takes about 7 hours with the 3.6kW charger and if you go with the 6.6 kW charger it takes about 6 hours. The Leaf starts at $31, 545.

The BMW i3 has enjoyed one of the biggest updates since it first arrived in 2014. Changes include the bigger 33 kilowatt-hour battery and an increase in the range from 81 miles to 114. Efficiency comes in at 111MPGe and the gas tank of the Rex has been boosted to 2.4 gallons.

The 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf has been shown off at the LA Auto Show and the vehicle has been given a battery capacity boost of 50% along with an electric motor that is even more powerful. The battery is now 35.8kwh, instead of 24.2kwh and the range has been boosted to 124 miles from 83. The e-Golf has also enjoyed a boost to the motor; it is now 100kw offering 134 horses and 214 torque. All versions come with the 7.2 onboard charger and the fast charging port is now standard on the SEL Premium and offered as an option on the base version. The rear styling of the e-Golf is changed and there is now a larger touch display and additional active-safety features added.

But would you go for the 2017 Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3 or the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf?

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