2017 Nissan Leaf Moves On From Failures Of The Past

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The Nissan Leaf sales declined for the majority of last year and now it has almost become a relic among electric vehicles. The vehicle has looked more and more obsolete with each month that has passed as it doesn’t have the range to keep up with the competition on the market.

The Nissan Leaf also came with a price tag that was higher when day to day driving and this has been measured in dollars per mile. However instead of dismissing the potential many people have been in sympathy with the hatchback. Some fans said that people have been hanging on waiting for the next generation version to make its way out and this is why the sales have declined.

During 2016 the sales of the Nissan Leaf become the best ever for a long time and this was despite the fact that the Chevrolet Bolt was launched. What is strange about this is the fact that the sales have risen despite the fact that nothing about the Leaf has changed.

The Nissan Leaf still offers the same dorky ride and it still offers a range of 107 miles at best from one single charge. So what made people change their minds about the Leaf and start buying it again?

A dealer of Nissan said that the carmaker has gone on from the past failures where sales people were not trained properly when it came to selling the Nissan Leaf. Now a lot more effort has been put in to make sure that dealers know all about what the electric vehicle offers. This has helped to ensure that the vehicle has managed to start gaining sales again in the US plug-in charts.

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