2017 Mercedes Pickup Won’t Have G-Wagon Styling

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Yes, the Mercedes-Benz pickup is really coming, and as much as we still think it’s not suited to be one, at least it’s good to know that it wouldn’t be designed with the G-Wagon’s styling in mind. Apparently, it’s going to share some underpinnings with the Nissan NP300 Navara pickup, as shown above.

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz pickup will be a product based on the technology-sharing collaboration of Daimler and Renault Nissan, with the latter offering the Navara in a number of markets. And more importantly, Mercedes-Benz strongly believes that the pickup would contribute nicely to their global growth targets, and that it would firmly maintains its values for safety, comfort and powertrains.

As aforementioned, the latest Nissan NP300 Navara initially made its debut at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, which is why Daimler’s trying to serve the car as a basis for their yet-unnamed midsize pickup. It’s not going to arrive in showrooms that soon, that’s for sure, but at least we know that it’s been official.

Do you think the Mercedes-Benz pickup would fare well in the market, though?

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