2017 Mercedes E-Class Pushes Threat To Audi A6 Allroad

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If you believe that premium wagons are strong in the niche segment in the US then you might also believe that the off the road premium wagons would appeal only to a very small set of buyers. However this might not be the case when it comes to the 2017 Mercedes E-Class, this is a vehicle that is going to be a threat to the Audi A6 Allroad.

It has been dubbed as being the E-Class All Terrain and the crossover is from Mercedes and has been based around the E-Class Estate wagon. Of course it has been beefed up on the utility aspects and it is perfect for going off the road.

It might not offer up the rugged appearance but it has been equipped with plenty of hardware that is tough and it does come with ground clearance that is high. We are also expecting to see the Mercedes 4MATIC AWD fitted as standard on the All Terrain.

We did get to see testing of the E-Class All Terrain and it does push Mercedes harder than BMW and the BMW 5-Series wagon.

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