2017 Mercedes E-Class Offers More Room For Two

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One of the best things about the 2017 Mercedes E-Class is the fact that it is able to combine the styling aspects of the C-Class, which falls below it, and style of the S-Class, which sits above it. This means that it offers a cabin layout that wins awards.

The styling of the exterior is going to be ported over to the drop top version, which is the mid-level premium brand. We have seen the 2017 Mercedes E-Class in prototype form and it is thought that it will be making its arrival towards the end of the year.

However if you want more space and room for two then you may want to wait to get the E-Class convertible as this is going to be worth waiting for. It is also the nearest alternative to the BMW 6-Series convertible, which offers up four seats.

The drop top E-Class is likely to lose some weight thanks to the soft canvas roof, however not a great deal due to the fact that the body would have to be strengthened.

The vehicle should be offered with the same diesel and gas engines as offered with the standard E-Class sedan and it may be offered in the biturbo V8 AMG Cabriolet.