2017 Mercedes AMG GT: What’s The Point Of The AMG SL63?

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The AMG SL63 is having a difficult time thanks to the Mercedes AMG GT joining the line-up and it has you asking what the point of having the SL63 is?

This is down to the fact that the performance version SL grand tourer has been beaten by a bona fide sports car. The SL400 along with the SL550 were already having issues well before the AMG GT came onto the market as the interest of customers waned. This was due to people becoming more interested in substitutions, namely the convertible S-Class and the C-Class.

The AMG variation is now being brushed aside by an alternative, the AMG GT comes in lighter and this is going to prove more so when the Roadster variation arrives boasting the soft top, which is going to make it lighter still.

The 2017 Mercedes AMG GT offers up 503 horses, while the AMG SL63 gives out 557 horsepower. The SL65 offers even more at 621 horses thanks to the V12 engine.

At the top of the range is the AMG GT R, offering up 577 horses and when the Black Series makes its way out we can expect a whole lot more, it’s expected to be 622 horses. We are also expecting the AMG GT R to offer even more output.

But what do you think, does the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT have you asking what’s the point of the AMG SL63?

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