2017 Mercedes AMG GLC43 Doesn’t Really Make Much Sense

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Mercedes revealed that they are making the Mercedes AMG GLC43 and that it is going to be a version of the GLC-Class that is higher powered. So with this in mind the vehicle doesn’t make much sense at all.

The GLC43 is going to be a crossover coupe the same as the ordinary version of the GLC. This means that we can expect it to be nothing more than a C-Class with a roofline that slopes and a driving height that has been increased.

There are only a few crossovers that have been made for going off the road and people are expecting the same from the GLC43. If you are looking at the vehicle for going off the road then you might want to forget all about the Mercedes AMG GLC43 as the vehicle doesn’t come with off the road tyres and it doesn’t have lots of power.

The Mercedes GLC43 offers the V6 twin turbocharged engine and this offers up 362 horses along with 384 torque. The cabin of the vehicle is more refined and so you can it to offer up luxury.

So the Mercedes GLC43 really is a vehicle that doesn’t make any sense. However it is a vehicle that is a crossover coupe that is fast and powerful and it offers up plenty of luxury.

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