2017 Lotus Elise Should Be Winner Of The Biggest Loser

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The 2017 Lotus Elise Sport and Sport 220 should be given the title of the biggest loser if they were taking part in the game show. We say this as when you look at them alongside the current Elise Sport they are losing 90lbs.

The new Lotus Elise Sport is going to have a lightweight lithium ion battery that helps the vehicle to shed of 20lbs, the lightweight alloys reduced the weight by 11lbs and the carbon fibre racing seats shed another 13.2lbs. The vehicle is also going to incorporate a carbon fibre roll hoop, engine cover, access panel and polycarbonate rear windscreen.

You can also get optional weight trimmers and these include a two piece brake disc set that sheds another 8.8lbs, carbon fibre door sills losing 1.79lbs and all of this means that the weight loss will be1, 759lbs.

The Lotus Elise offers the 1.6 litre naturally aspirated engine offering up 134 horses and the 217 horsepower supercharged Elise Sport 220. The former is going to be able to reach 60mph in 5.9 seconds and the latter will take just 4.1 second.

The cabin of the Lotus Elise Sprint will offer up coloured inserts on the seats, HVAC surround and transmission surround, there is also optional Alcantara trim and stitching to contrast.

The Lotus Elise Sprint is coming alongside the upgraded variation of the Elise. The entire series will come with a lighter front clamshell section along with bigger front intakes, a brand new rear panel with differing taillights and revamped underbody to help with the aerodynamics.

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