2017 Lexus LC500 Velcro Safety Seats Joke May Become Reality

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On April Fool’s Day there was a joke about a brand new safety feature on the 2017 Lexus LC500. You can check out the video below in case you missed out. But was it a joke?

Lexus said that they had come up with a new safety seat and that the safety feature was Velcro seats. This made many people laugh as the thought of wearing Velcro and being stuck to the seat with Velcro but now it looks as though it might be true and it could work.

We have heard that the 2017 Lexus LC500 is going to be a pure electronic vehicle, with autonomous driving and it is going to have the Velcro seats as a safety feature.

At the moment we haven’t heard confirmation so you are going to have to take this with a pinch of salt. But could Velcro safety seats actually work?

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