2017 Jeep Wrangler May Turn Tables on Land Rover Defender

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The tables may be getting turned on the Land Rover Defender thanks to the arrival of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Africa.

There really hasn’t been any vehicle that has been able to beat the Land Rover Defender for some time but the Jeep Wrangler Africa may be about to do just that. The Wrangler has the Desert Tan paint job and it comes with four doors. It has steel front bumpers, winch, high clearance and power dome vented hood.

It runs on the 2.8 litre diesel engine with automatic transmission and it has Fox shocks and a two inch lift kit. It comes with Dana 44 axles to the front and back, sway bar links and Jeep Performance Kit.

The cargo region is going to look clean as it comes with the spare tire under the under body mounting.

So finally the tables may have turned for the Land Rover Defender as the Jeep Wrangler Africa may have finally met its match.

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  1. Quincy Brown

    May 16, 2016 at 9:28 am

    This Jeep will not turn the tables on the Defender, Land Rover did that to themselves. I see promise in this Jeep, but Jeep did make some blunders on this model that you won’t see on a Defender or any serious off-road rig. I am curious if you can fix the axles without having to take the wheels off, like you would with a Landy with Steelies?

    This is still a concept. Jeep loves to do mock-ups. To simplify this whole concept, Jeep needs to have a serious off-road vehicle, like the Rubicon, that is fully serviceable in the field. Granted that most will have them towed out, and fixed professionally, this concept needs to be a vehicle for overlanders, not soccer moms. They all ready have lessor models that work well to get to the mall.