2017 Jeep Wrangler: Finally, A Land Rover Defender Killer?

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If you think you’ve been seeing all the Wranglers all your life, well, from this moment on, bear in mind that there’s still one more that’s slowly emerging to the scene and it’s deemed to take on the Land Rover Defender too. How will the Jeep Wrangler Africa be able to do so in stacking up against the most rugged off-roader that’s out there?

What we can expect from this Wrangler is that it’s a 4-door vehicle sporting a Desert Tan exterior paint, so it definitely looks pretty ideal for a safari ride in the deserts too. Under the hood of this truck is a 2.8L diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission, and it’s worth mentioning that this Wrangler Africa also features fender-mounted auxiliary fuel cans.

Other features that the Wrangler is equipped with is that the spare tire is underbody-mounted and the cargo area, inner roof and floor are done in a durable spray-in truck bed coating. Alsso good to know is that this Wrangler Africa is outfitted with a two-inch lift kit with Fox shocks, sway bar links and front and rear Dana 44 axles from Jeep Performance Parts. So it’s kind of safe to say that you’ll be pretty amazed once you get your hands behind the wheel of this vehicle.

Do you think it could really take on the Defender like how it promised it could?

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