2017 Jeep Compatriot Does Have The Jeep Cherokee Anxious

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Jeep has been working on a new version of vehicle that is going to take over from the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot. At the moment no one knows what the vehicle is going to be called. Right now we are calling it the Compatriot. While we don’t know what the name of the vehicle is going to be but we do know about the design.

Over at they have launched a photo of the Jeep Compatriot. We saw the vehicle over in Brazil and from what we can see the vehicle takes on the appearance of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

So if this is the design of the Jeep Cherokee it does leave you asking where it leaves the Jeep Cherokee. We have heard talks about the sales of the Jeep Cherokee being affected when the Compatriot comes out and it is possible that this could become a reality.

The Jeep Compatriot should be making its way to the LA Auto Show soon and we think it will arrive on the market early on next year.

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