2017 Jeep Compass: Is It Going To Affect The Cherokee?

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Jeep has been working hard on bringing out the replacement to the Compass and the Patriot and it’s going to arrive in the form of the Jeep Compass. But is its arrival going to have any effect on the Jeep Cherokee?

We have already seen the Jeep Compass being tested in Brazil and it looks like the Compass is going to come to the market with a new design that looks very similar to that of the Jeep Grand Cherokee but on a much smaller scale.

The Jeep Compass is set to fall in-between the Jeep Cherokee and above the Jeep Renegade and some people have said that the vehicle is very close to the Grand Cherokee. But if so should the Cherokee worry about its position?

We are expecting the Jeep Compass to have the 2 litre turbocharged inline four cylinder engine or perhaps the naturally aspirated 2.4 litre inline four engine with the nine speed automatic transmission.

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