2017 Jaguar F-Pace Shows Off Tease Rival To Hybrid BMW X1

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Recently we have seen two Jaguar F-Pace models out in the wild and despite the fact that they were hidden, they don’t seem to have anything to offer than what the models out at the moment offer. This has led to many people saying that the new E-Pace crossover is lying under the F-Pace shells.

This is due to the fact that they offer a smaller greenhouse along with a rear overhang that is shorter. These coincide with the news that there is a smaller nameplate to the F-Pace under development.

The F-Pace is taking on the Mercedes GLC along with the BMW X3 and the E-Pace is going to take on the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA.

The name tells us that this is going to be a crossover that is full electric or perhaps a hybrid; however there has been reports in the UK of it being the latter. It isn’t going to be a conventional one though.

JLR is going to give it electric motors that are paired with two diesel turbocharged engines in the E-Pace; however this goes against other car makers who have been moving away from diesel hybrids.

The timing should be right for Jaguar to reveal a crossover running on alternative fuel and it will be able to take on the BMW X1 plug-in hybrid that has been shown off in China.

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