2017 Hyundai Genesis Can’t Compete With Euro Rivals

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Hyundai have been in the headlines with the 2017 Hyundai Genesis, a premium branded vehicle. However it is looking as though the vehicle isn’t going to be able to compete with rivals in Europe, at least for the time being.

The Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai said that launching a premium brand vehicle in Europe is a huge challenge when you don’t have the products that are needed for the market. He went on to say that the 2017 Hyundai Genesis isn’t going to be in Europe before 2019 as the company needs different powertrains.

Another issue is that the G70, a 3 Series competitor is going to arrive as a third showroom product. The 2017 Hyundai Genesis is going to arrive in North America first and then make its way to the Middle East, China and South Korea.

By only launching the 2017 Hyundai Genesis in 2019 there should be enough breathing space. The company at that time would have six different vehicles and these would include two CUVs. The brand name will be launching in Europe with only five vehicles and they will have a launch schedule that is aggressive in the years to come if they want to stick to the timeline with the Genesis.

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