2017 Honda Ridgeline Steals Spotlight From F-150 Raptor

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Sometimes it takes one challenger that goes against the grain to shake up the market. This time, the pickup truck market has been shaken up by the second-gen Honda Ridgeline, which has once again nabbed the North American Truck of the Year award.

Judging from the three finalists in the category, it became instantly clear that the Ridgeline was going to win. There simply wasn’t going to be a chance for the Ford SuperDuty and Nissan Titan to win this round.

The Ridgeline could have lost if the buzz-worthy Ford F-150 Raptor made it as a finalist, but the performance pickup didn’t, so it was an unobstructed path to victory for Honda.

When the F-150 Raptor was released, it didn’t look like anything could stand in its way, especially not a mid-size pickup that polarized the market. Many trucking enthusiasts have argued that the Ridgeline doesn’t qualify as a proper pickup due to its comparatively softer sensibilities.

Well, the Ridgeline is hardly as brawny as its peers, but remains a winner due to its unparalleled utility and versatility. It doesn’t come close to the 510lb-ft torque on offer in the F-150 Raptor, but does a better job helping us in our mundane, everyday lives.

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