2017 Honda Ridgeline Now Offered With Tailgate Choices That Are Crazy

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The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has been very popular since it came out and this means that it received a great deal of praise. Now Honda are offering the vehicle with some options for the tailgate and they come with a crazy price and choices.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has a cabin that is comfortable and it comes with a superb ride. The truck bed is one of the largest and the cabin is big. It comes with plenty of passive and active safety features and Honda are offering what is the ultimate in tailgate parties with some crazy prices.

If you have deep pockets you can get the 600 watt bed wall integrated stereo. If you add on the 400 watt power invertor you have enough power to watch a flat screen TV, power the drink blender or a 110 volt power tool.

You can also add on the hidden trunk and the ultimate ice chest and you then have everything needed for the ultimate in tailgate parties.

If you want all of this you are going to have to spend $42,000 and this is a combination of the MSRP Pilot, Fully loaded 4WD Elite and MPG 24+. But would you spend this to have the ultimate tailgate party?

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