2017 Honda Ridgeline Is Offered With Some Crazy Tailgate Choices

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The Honda Ridgeline certainly attracted a great deal of attention when it arrived, even though it also got some criticism from some people. While it comes packed with features Honda has gone further as they are offering up some crazy tailgate options to add on.

The Honda Ridgeline offers plenty of comfort along with having great manors on the road and lots of safety features. It has the biggest cabin and widest truck bed and it comes in the midsize segment. However, there is a lot more to it.

Honda offer tailgate options that are crazy and add onto the price tag of the vehicle. For instance there is the bed wall integrated 600 watt power invertor that allows you to blend your drinks, watch flat screen TV and more. You can also add on the ice chest, a hidden trunk and you have everything needed for the best camping trip possible.

However the Honda Ridgeline price tag does get pushed up to around $42, 000.