2017 Honda Ridgeline: Is It Able To Beat The Ford Ranger?

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The 2017 Honda Ridgeline certainly made the biggest headlines from the recent Detroit Auto Show. Some of the vehicles we’ve been rooting for since day 1 have finally shoke off their shyness and appeared under the limelight. But others still remained as a mystery (hint: the Ford Ranger).

But people have started comparing the boring-looking Ridgeline with the more versatile number: the Ford Ranger. The midsize Ridgeline truck actually looks more like a full-sized truck, to be frank, but it’s probably wise to give Honda some props this time as they’ve literally gone our of their shell in taking a completely different approach.

The Ridgeline’s got either a FWD or all-wheel drive option, though we would sincerely wish that it wouldn’t bear so much similarities to that of the bland Pilot. And again, it’s not as attractive and appealing as the Ford Ranger aesthetically; it’s sort of like big and not so much of an oomph factor, rather than big and beautiful.

Whatever it is though, both are still excellent trucks. We’ll just have to give a more proper comparison next time around when the Ranger comes out, that’s if it really does come into production. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed now, eh?

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