2017 Honda Ridgeline Is Ford Ranger’s Contender?

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It was one of the most talked-about vehicles prior to its debut, and it still is. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline stole the limelight at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, and we don’t see why, considering it’s been constantly teased. Well, teased or not, people have started comparing the truck to the more versatile Ford Ranger (though it has since been halted from production, also reportedly going to resurrect again).

Frankly speaking, the Ridgeline does not look as appealing and interesting as we thought it could be, and why it’s made with the intentional “less daring look” escapes us. The mid-sized truck looks more like a full-sized pick-up, and we’re guessing that the Ford Ranger (that’s still pending on production) would look better aesthetically.

But then again, we’ve got to give props to Honda for taking a completely different approach time time around in developing this second-generation truck. What they did with it was to offer options of either a FWD or all-wheel-drive. The only thing we’d wish for is actually for it not take after the similarities of the bland Pilot, though.

Well, it’s still difficult to suggest on whether or not the Ridgeline could knock the Ranger down. But perhaps it’s the former that will gain the upper hand between the two for having a lower price tag and greater load weight. Until Ford Ranger makes its appearance, we’ll just be guessing.

Are you also playing the guessing game, figuring out which would topple against the other?

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