2017 Honda Pilot: We Take A Look Inside

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The Honda Pilot is arriving without any changes to the exterior but the design is a new one. So with no changes on the exterior, we take a look inside to see what’s changed.

While the exterior hasn’t changed on the 2017 Honda Pilot and it remains much the same as last year’s model, the interior has changed. This isn’t surprising as the interior was looking old and it was ready to be upgraded.

Some people complained about the cabin of the Honda Pilot being small and Honda took notice of this and they have done something about that. They have designed a new cabin so that it offers up more room despite the fact that the measurements are the same on the inside. Honda gave some parts a lighter material and this means that the vehicle has lost some weight.

However one thing that people wanted to see on the Honda Pilot, which hasn’t come our way is the blind spot system that is offered with the Elite version. Also missing is the six speed auto transmission, which it doesn’t look like we are going to get this time around.

But what do you think about the 2017 Honda Pilot, are the small changes enough to get you to buy it?

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