2017 Honda Odyssey: Inspired By Honda Pilot, CR-V

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The 2017 Honda Odyssey could take its inspiration from the Honda Pilot and Honda CR-V. If so consumers can expect to be treated to support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, just like the Pilot and CR-V.

Honda said that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is going to be made available on the EX trims and above, and there is no reason why the 2017 Honda Odyssey shouldn’t follow suit. The tech allows drivers to use some smartphone functions whilst driving, for instance navigation via Google Maps, text messaging, hands free calls and listening to music.

With the Honda CR-V the carmaker moved to a more upscale interior, with the addition of premium trims bits on the higher end models. It is thought that the same might apply to the interior of the Odyssey. People have complained about the controls of the audio system on vehicles and with the Honda Pilot came the reintroduction of the physical volume knob. Whether this is going to make it to the Odyssey remains to be seen.

The 2017 Honda Odyssey may also be offered in a hybrid variation and this would allow the car maker to be able to take on the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

But would you mind if the 2017 Honda Odyssey takes inspiration from the Honda Pilot and Honda CR-V?

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  1. John Flinn

    November 8, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    To me this looks like Cadillac styling on steroids. I like the simplicity of my 2002 CRV and of the early millennial Hondas in general. The newest cars have lost their friendly look and remind me of alien invaders. I wonder how expensive it would be to replace the front grill in a 10 mph crash.