2017 Honda Odyssey In Hybrid Form Arriving In The Future

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The 2017 Honda Odyssey has been spotted in testing out in the wild and it looks as though it is ready. However, the vehicle has been kept under camouflage so we really haven’t seen what it offers by way of design.

Honda hasn’t said a great deal about the Honda Odyssey other than it will make its arrival at the start of 2017. We don’t know a great deal at the moment about the vehicle so we can only go on rumours that we have heard.

The 2017 Honda Odyssey should look a lot like the Honda Pilot and if it takes on the same design then we expect the bumper to be situated lower down. The LED headlights should be changed and the bumper should also be different. Of course as it was kept under camouflage it is difficult to see whether or not the changes to the design were made.

We did hear that the 2017 Honda Odyssey could come with the 3.5 litre V6 engine and this should give you 248 horsepower. It should come with a direct injection petrol engine and this should give you around 280 horses and 270 torque.

The Honda Pilot offered the 3.5 litre V6 engine and this has nine speed gears. We don’t have any idea as to whether we will be seeing this in the Honda Odyssey. One thing that we are almost certain about is the fact that it should come with front-wheel drive. It is also possible that we could see the 2 litre I4 turbocharged engine arrive and if so the fuel efficiency would be improved while there wouldn’t be a drop in power.

This is all nothing more than speculation and rumours right now so we are going to have to wait until Honda provides us more information.

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