2017 Honda CR-V Vs Toyota RAV4 And Its All About Features

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While the Honda CR-V offers up a lot, the Toyota RAV4 manages to remain ahead in regards to sales. There are some people who believe that the Toyota RAV4 hybrid is the key to this, however some people say its due to the features offered.

The Toyota RAV4 sales have gone up by 10% after the hybrid version was launched. We have heard reports that Honda could be considering launching the Honda CR-V as a hybrid in 2017.

The RAV4 comes with plenty of handy features, some of which are missing on the Honda CR-V, this includes the 360 degree view.

Things may or may not get better for Honda once they launch the new Honda CR-V with a brand new design and features, one thing for sure is the fact that it is going to be interesting to find out which of the vehicles comes out ahead.

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