2017 Honda CR-V: Reason To Avoid Third-Row, Hybrid

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The Honda CR-V has been very successful in the past and Honda might want to stick with the theory of “If it aint broke why fix it”. We say this as it has been rumoured that the car maker is going to change things and add on a third seating row and send out a plug-in hybrid version. If they do they could destroy all the hard work they have done in the past building the vehicle successfully to what people like and want.

The Honda CR-V has been the 4th best-selling vehicle in the US during October and over the year they have managed to outsell other SUVs and crossovers in the market in the USA. They stand to ruin this if they change around the design.

In October the Honda CR-V sales totalled 293, 799 sales and this comes in way ahead of the closest rivals, which is the RAV4, Rogue and Escape. Honda does have to walk a fine line as if they offer up a design that is bland it might not go down too well, however if they go too bold then they risk alienating buyers who already own an older version of the CR-V.

But what do you think about the design of the Honda CR-V, should it stay the same or should Honda go with a new design?

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