2017 Honda CR-V May Be A Clone Based On Honda Pilot

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The Honda Pilot has been one of the vehicles that have been popular ever since it arrived on the market. This leads many people to think that the 2017 Honda CR-V could end up being cloned around the Honda Pilot.

Of course while it may be a clone we are not expecting the 2017 Honda CR-V to look exactly like the Honda Pilot. What we believe is that the styling of the vehicle may be along the lines of it and different from what it is at the moment.

We know that Honda wish to make sure their vehicles will be more comfortable and we are expecting the 2017 Honda CR-V to be the first of the new vehicles to be more comfortable. Right now everyone wants to hear what the vehicle is going to be like but we are going to have to wait more its arrival.

So what do you think? Is the 2017 Honda CR-V going to be cloned around the Honda Pilot when it makes its way out?