2017 Honda CR-V Isn’t Going To Be Meeting The Pilot

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People have been speculating about the design of the Honda CR-V and we have heard that it might take on the appearance of the Honda Pilot. However now there is talk that this isn’t going to happen at all.

We now believe that the Honda CR-V is going to take on the appearance of the Honda Civic instead. The Civic is a vehicle that has been received well thanks to the new design and if the CR-V takes on the looks it should give the vehicle a much fresher look.

The Honda CR-V is going to come with a grille that is similar, along with trailight and headlight design and it should come on the same platform that the Honda Civic is built on. The engine in the vehicle is going to be the 1.5 litre VTEC Turbocharged and we are also expecting to see the 2 ltire VTEC Turbocharged engine.

It is thought that we will see the Honda CR-V later on this year when it makes an appearance at the LA Auto Show.

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