2017 Honda CR-V Is Hit Over Head With Ugly Stick

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It’s not too difficult to see why the Honda CR-V is called the best-selling compact SUV. It offers a great drive, it’s affordable and it is reliable. However, one thing that it isn’t known for is great looks. In fact the vehicle does look as though it has been hit over the head with an ugly stick.

Many people have said that the looks are one thing that could be a lot better on the Honda CR-V. Sure some things have improved since 2010 and this at least tells us that Honda is heading in the right direction when it comes to looks for the vehicle.

The 2017 Honda CR-V does happen to be a bit more attractive than it used to be as Honda did make some changes. For instance, the front fascia now has a cleaner look to it and the fog lamps are now found on the lower bumper. The grille offers more chrome and it more pronounced and the air vent is bigger and headlights are now bolder and provide the vehicle with a more upmarket look.

At the back of the Honda CR-V the taillights have been extended flat on the tail gate and this makes the vehicle look a lot sportier. The vehicle also comes with exhausts that have been merged with the bumpers, and the license plate holder has been moved.

So there has been some changes for the better with the Honda CR-V looks and they are moving towards a better look for the vehicle.

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