2017 Honda CR-V Is A Favourite Of Honda

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When the Honda CR-V made its way out last year it sold very well for the carmaker. However it wasn’t the only model that did well in sales as both the Accord and the Civic also sold well. But it seems that the favourite of Honda is the CR-V.

We think that Honda shows favouritism for the Honda CR-V as it was the only vehicle to be showcased at the Super Bowl. Ads during the Super Bowl are very big and the only one seen was the CR-V.

We think that that was rather strange as the Honda CR-V hasn’t been the best-selling vehicle and it isn’t the flagship vehicle. So it does seem to be strange that Honda would choose it over the other models.

The Honda CR-V is enjoying an important year as this is the 20th anniversary of the SUV. The arrival of the new design of the CR-V is going to help boost the sales of the SUV this year.

Right now SUVs are in huge demand so in a way it would make a lot of sense for Honda to choose to ignore their sedans and put all of their focus into SUVs.

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