2017 Honda CR-V Hybrid Not An Option And Its Costly

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It doesn’t look like the Honda CR-V is going to be able to overtake the RAV4 anytime in the near future, despite the fact that things have been improving for Honda and the CR-V.

Toyota remains in front and it seems that the slight advantage is down to the fact that the Toyota RAV4 comes in an hybrid option and the Honda CR-V doesn’t. it was said that the hybrid has helped in the boosting of sales of the RAV4.

Reports have suggested that the RAV4 hybrid increased the sales of the Toyota RAV by as much as 10% and people think that as the Honda CR-V isn’t available in a hybrid model it is costing Honda dearly.

The 2017 Honda CR-V may not arrive with an hybrid but it is possible that the 2018 Honda CR-V may arrive with a plug-in hybrid option, but will it be able to take on the RAV4