2017 Honda CR-V Has The HR-V Losing Out

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Throughout 2016 the Honda CR-V has been losing against the Toyota RAV4 due to the latter coming in a hybrid form. Honda shouldn’t hold back on the hybrid version of the CR-V as even the Nissan Rogue has taken a slice of the pie.

Of course this isn’t just going to apply to the compact SUV. If the car maker isn’t going to come up with a hybrid of the Honda HR-V, while the Toyota C-HR holds the advantage when it comes to the subcompact crossover market.

The Honda HR-V is offered just with one engine choice and this happens to be the 141 horsepower by way of the 1.8 four cylinder engine. The Honda C-HR comes with the 1.2 litre engine in Europe and 1.8 liter hybrid, which is the same as on the Toyota Prius.

Apart from the Honda Accord hybrid, Honda hasn’t been very big on the hybrid versions in the US over the recent years. The Honda Odyssey hybrid has only been launched in Japan and the Honda CR-V remains in the dark.

We did hear some reports that they are going to launch big in the hybrid and electrification markets by 2018. The first of these is going to be a battery electric hybrid along with plug-in hybrid when it comes to the Clarity brand name; this has only been launched up to now as a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle.