2017 Honda CR-V: Bless The Poor Accord Soul!

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When the 2018 Honda Accord sedan finally gets its own turbocharged engine it is going to enjoy all the benefits of the Honda CR-V turbo. The 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is going to be the future I.C.E of choice it has ensured that the CR-V offers improved performance, and the same will happen with the Honda Accord.

Many old-school people obsess about new age fuel efficiency and high torque output of the 4-cylinder engine technology. Turbocharged engines usually run hotter and according to some they have a tendency to break down. This all may have been true many years ago, but not today.

The 2018 Honda Accord and CR-V have engines that are known to be reliable and which have stood the test of time. Honda has been making turbocharged engines for decades and thanks to the low friction internal components, engine lubricants, inner coolers and advanced engine management, they are now even better than ever.

In the 2017 Honda CR-V you can get 31.9mpg combined driving even in wet winter weather and there is no turbo-lag and instead you get instant on killer torque. While the small displacement, direct injected turbocharged engine may be rattled sometimes, it has a lot different sound than the V8 or the V6.

So when the 2018 Honda Accord does get its own turbocharged engine it will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Honda CR-V turbo. But what are your thoughts, are you for or against turbocharged engines?