2017 Honda Civic Si vs Volkswagen Golf GTi: Same Goal Different Approach

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The ultimate goal here is to impress the consumer enough that they will out sell the other but it looks like Volkswagen and Honda both have their way of achieving that goal.

For the Honda Civic Si, it is all about the new design and upgrades. The Honda Civic was given a brand new design, a design that the SI will be adopting as well and so far, it looks like the upgraded design is working out for them.

Volkswagen, on the other hand, will not be giving the Golf GTI a redesign but they are offering upgrades from German tuner, Oettinger. Volkswagen is hoping that the upgrades will make the Golf GTi more appealing. Body kits that will be offered as part of the upgrade include the front spoiler, rally style rear diffuser, side skirts, rear wing, quad exhaust outlet and more.

With all these upgrades, do you think it is enough to divert the attention to the Golf GTi?

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